South Stoke is a delightful village sandwiched between the River Thames and the main railway line from Paddington to Oxford and the south-west. Access to the village from the Goring to Crowmarsh road is by way of one of three arched bridges, whilst a fourth way through the railway embankment, known locally as the Bogey Hole, enables a footpath to the hamlet of Little Stoke.

Unlike the railway, which is very evident (both visually and audibly!) you may not realise the river was there unless you looked at a map or wandered down the track to the old ferry crossing to Moulsford! Perhaps though the Perch and Pike pub gives the closeness of the river away, both by its name and its display of record catches of fish from the river!

From the footpath from South Stoke to Little Stoke you can still see the remains of a series of fishponds which provided food for the medieval monks who lived in the village. These ponds were part of a much larger complex and were fed by drainage ditches connected to the river.

Close by is Brunel's Four Arches bridge which takes the railway across the Thames. This is a listed building.

Parts of Manor Farmhouse date from the 16th century and the original oak panelling, moulded beams and a fireplace are even earlier. Outside are several old buildings and barns including a granary standing on staddle stones and a medieval square four-gabled brick dovecote, thought to be one of the largest in the south of England.

Some of the arches on the north side of St Andrew’s Church are thought to be Norman. The font is Early English. In the south-east window can be seen a small piece of 14th. For the history and full information about St Andrew’s Church click here.

A free chapel was built in South Stoke in 1820, but this has not been used for worship since 1976.

Scenes from an episode of the popular TV series Midsomer Murders were filmed in the village.

South Stoke is off the B4009 between Goring and Crowmarsh.


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