Stonor, Maidensgrove & Russell's Water are an attractive group of typical small Chilterns hamlets close to the Buckinghamshire border, each with its own charm and particular character.

A mile or so north-west of Henley-on-Thames the B480 leaves the A4130 and leads up through a typical Chilterns valley towards Watlington, passing through Lower and Middle Assendon and Stonor on the way. Stonor spreads along the main road and consists of just a few houses and cottages and a farm.

Some scenes from the popular TV series Midsomer Murders have been filmed in the village of Stonor.

Overlooking the hamlet is Stonor Park, a landscaped deer park, and Stonor House which has been the home of the Stonor family for more than eight centuries. The earliest part of the house dates from the 12th century, whilst most of the house was built in the 14th century. Historically Stonor has been a centre of Catholicism and the Catholic Chapel at Stonor was used continuously through the Reformation. Nearby is a 'pagan' stone circle. Behind the main house, there is a walled garden in an Italianate style.

From Stonor a single track lane leads up the hill through Maidensgrove and Russell's Water and meets the B481 just north of Cookley Green. The small hamlet of Maidensgrove could easily be missed as the houses are all off the road, mostly along a narrow winding lane which ends eventually at a farm and an entrance to the Warburg Nature Reserve. Maidensgrove is on the edge of the large area of common land known as Russell's Water and Maidensgrove Common.

The hamlet of Russell's Water too is on the edge of the large Russell's Water and Maidensgrove Common. A large pond complete with ducks gives Russell's Water its particular character, quite unusual I think for a village so high in the Chilterns. The pond featured in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and is where Truly Scrumptious drove her car more than once into the water.

Russels Water is about 6 miles north of Henley on Thames.


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