Drayton is a village that has seen a lot of 20th century development, but enough of old Drayton remains for this part of the village to be attractive. The older part of the village is centred on the church, along the road into the village from Sutton Courtenay, High Street, and around the junction of High street and Abingdon Road.

The western part of Drayton Manor, situated in High Street, dates from the 15th century and a fireplace and parts of the screens passage survive from when it was a medieval hall house. Near the Manor, tucked away from High Street in Church Lane, is the medievel parish Church of St. Peter. For the history and full information about St. Peter's Church click here.

In the centre of the village are two pubs, a post office and general store and a hardware shop.

Drayton is about 3 miles south of Abingdon on the B4017, 2 miles west of Sutton Courtenay.


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