Kennington is a long, linear village, pleasantly situated between the River Thames and Bagley Wood. It is thought to have derived its name from Cenigtun, or the place of Cenas people and was first mentioned in a charter of AD 821.

Although the origins of a settlement here can be traced back to Saxon times, the village today is essentially a modern one, having been developed through the 20th century and is now more like a suburb of nearby Oxford. Despite that there are a few thatched cottages in the centre of the village near St. Swithun's, the parish church which give the village a little character. For the history and full information about St. Swithun's Church click here.

Apart from St. Swithun's Church there are two other small churches in the village - a Methodist church and the Roman Catholic Church of the Good Shepherd. The present St Swithun's was built in the mid 20th century and replaced the nearby original parish church. This was built in 1828 in the style of a Norman building, and is now the Church Hall.

Kennington is a couple of miles south of Oxford, just south of the Southern Bypass.


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