Much of Ducklington is modern with extensive housing estates, but in the old part of the village there are thatched cottages and an attractive duck pond and, of course, the church. St. Bartholomew's Church is 12th century with restoration carried out in the 19th century.For the history and full information about St. Bartholomew's Church click here.

The name of the village probably originates from "Ducel's Farm" or "the farm of the sons of Docca", although some local people think the name originates from the village duck pond.

The River Windrush passes very close to the eastern side of the village, and to the north-east lies Ducklington Lake (more properly known as Witney Lake). Ducklington Lake is a flooded gravel pit which resulted from the construction of the Witney bypass. The area around the lake is managed as a country park, the southern end also being a nature reserve.

The Windrush valley used to be a habitat ideally suited to the fritillary flower, but the meadows have for some time been intensively ploughed leading to the loss of this rare flower. Fortunately on the edge of Ducklington village a field has been left unploughed and as a consequence fritillary flowers have survived here with the help and cooperation of farmers and the local community. Once a year, the local community celebrates Fritillary Sunday when the field, church and hall are opened so that the public may walk amongst and enjoy the flowers.

To the south-east of the village is Ducklington Mill which probably dates from the 13th century. The mill is now the headquarters of a bespoke furniture manufacturer.

The broadcaster Mollie Harris, known for her performance as Martha Woodford in the radio series 'The Archers', was a native of Ducklington. Mollie Harris died in 1995.

Ducklington is on the southern edge of Witney, just off the A415 Witney to Abingdon road.


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