The history of Berinsfield as a village commenced in the late 1940s when the local rural district council thought of building a village on the former RAF Mount Farm, a Second World War airfield. After the end of the war some of the huts on the former airfield were already being used as temporary, albeit rather primitive, housing. Building work on the new permanent houses started in 1958 and the first English village to be built on virgin land for over two hundred years came into being.

The village name is derived from St. Birinus, or Berin, who converted the Saxon King Cynegils and his court to Christianity, and  "Field" as this was the name the American service men called Mount Farm Airbase.

The village church, built in 1962 is the Church of St. Mary and St. Berin.

Berinsfield is three miles north of Dorchester close to the roundabout on the A4074 Oxford Road at the junction with the A415 Abingdon Road.


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