The picturesque little Cotswolds village of Swinbrook (or "pig brook") at one time would have been on the edge of the Wychwood Forest and no doubt swine grazing in the forest would have used the brook for water.

The 'brook' is the little Swine Brook which flows down a narrow valley from the Seven Springs a couple of miles to the north, collecting water from a number of other springs on its way down to meet the Windrush at Swinbrook. In the centre of the village the Swine Brook passes through a little wooded area which in the spring is pretty with naturalised daffodils and tulips before moving on to join the Windrush.

The parish church at Swinbrook is St. Mary's which overlooks the village from a vantage point reached by climbing some steps opposite the village hall. The church is noted for the 16th and 17th century monuments to members of the Fettiplace family which are comfortably reclining in three tiers near the alter. The Fettiplaces were landed gentry of Norman descent. In the churchyard are the graves of the novelist Nancy Mitford and and her three sisters. For information about St. Mary's Church click here.

To the south of the village adjacent to the bridge over the River Windrush is a former flour mill and next to that is the Swan Inn.

Swinbrook is about 2 miles east of Burford on the north side of the River Windrush away from all main roads and can only be reached along country lanes.


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